July 08, 2012

Restaurantkritik der WAZ vom 22.06.2012

Treasury lifted!

The Asian cuisine is culinary world heritage. Unfortunately, in our region we must look for it like for a buried treasure. But now we have found it. The Cocola in Essen offers excellent Vietnamese cuisine.

In Europe, the buried treasure lies under a thick layer of concession and convenience. Concession to the European taste. Convenience, because, unfortunately, quite a few restaurants, especially the Chinese, comparable to the German ones, more and more often buy their typical sauces from the supermarket. Quite different is the Cocola! It stands for upscale cuisine from Vietnam and craftsmanship that makes us think of the label "authentic". This Asian Lounge is located right across from the Court. That would be the tip for the plaintiff and defendant: there are three lunch meals for 6.90 €, sometimes a gentle curry chicken, sometimes hot roast beef. But the experience of Vietnamese cuisine rather calls for a luscious meal. Courageous initially try the rarity of "Autumn roll" (4.40 €): not crispy like "Spring", this fresh roll is filled with your choice of herbs, shrimp, beef or vegetarian. At first one has to get used to the softness of the rice paper, but many already got addicted to this appetizer course.

Vietnam's cuisine has a sizeable share of vegetables. But it is also the realm of crispy duck and tender chicken. Beginners should start the expedition to this cuisine with a menu. It is available for 17,90 €: crowning a wonderfully creamy and mild curry main dish we are delighted (Vietnam meets world cuisine!) by the excellent creme brulee from the tonka bean. Famos! There is a very good wine list, too. The fortune cookie was telling us: "Someone you may know deserves to know the truth" The truth, dear reader, is quite simple: you should definitely go there!

Cocola, Kortumstr. 43, 45130 Essen, Tel: 0201-79989480. 11.30-22h.

Prices: Inexpensive lunch. In the evening, the price of the menu is extremely fair

Ambience: Unobtrusive style lounge with daylight

Service: Very friendly, very good advice, very closely. Full score

Lars von der Gönna